Sunday, October 24, 2010


A lot of traveling for work, no cars, FUCK.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catch Can

Well, I searched around for a decent catch can. Yea, JDM tite ones are sweet, but they are just mirrored boxes. None are very good and NONE come with baffles.

After searching and searching I went the "make your own" way.

I bought the Husky oil separator from Home Depot at the high cost of 12 bucks. It's a small container that runs air into a tank and then through a filter (aka baffled). I hooked up some nipples to it, and Ta Da, a baffled catch can.

Yea it is small, but I have no problem regularly checking it. Hell, its better than 90% of the shit on the market.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The little things.

I spent some time pulling shit out of the car. It isn't so much the weight, but the fact that I know in the back of my mind it is useless weight.

I stripped out the trunk and pulled the sound deadening - not a very good weight-to-time ratio, but I have a better piece of mind now.

I also pulled the cruise control assembly. This didn't weigh a whole lot, but now the engine bay is a little cleaner and I have room to mount a catch can. Now I won't make a smoke cloud (James Bond style) behind the car in high g right hand turns.

Being a engineer (anal and nerdy by nature) I weigh everything I put or pull off the car. This would be a 5 hour investment and a 24.2 lb loss.

I suppose more productive then the usual....COD.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I and a few friends went to the 10th West Michigan Honda Meet. Definitely a great meet. This was my first time out on Gingerman with the extended back. Best time was 1.53 with my buddy in the car and some traffic. I never got a clean solo run. Not bad for an S2000 especially with my setup.

I will definitely be attending this event next year.

I did get to try new pads. I tried out Carbone Lorraine. Not quite sure if I like them better than the Hawk Blues. I will give them another track day before I rule them out.

This time to Barcelona for work.

So for the last year I have been going to China about once every month and a half. We are starting a new project and the company we are working with is based out of Barcelona Spain...fuck yes. We had meetings planned for Tuesday through Thursday. We showed up the Friday before so we had 3 nights in Barcelona. We stayed on Las Ramblas (kinda like Bourbon Street). It also so happened that we got to watch Spain win the World Cup while we were there. Talk about mayhem.

Spain is better than traveling to China in every possible way. We drank sangria at almost every bar around. We didn't go to any museums, didn't go on any tours, and only saw monuments that we walked past to and from bars/restaurants....perfect. Now we will have a better idea of what to actually do when we get back there, but this was perfect this time. I didn't take many pictures, but some are around where we were, and of funny shit I found.

After downtown Barcelona, we went 40 minutes out to the company we are working with. They are in the mountains. Completely different atmosphere. Nice and relaxing finish to the trip.

In the bathroom in Munich Germany (connecting flight). Awesome, but no, I didn't buy one.

Funny signs on the street

This is a statue of some guy getting his dick bit by a dog, don't know why.

The hotel in the mountains.

Another trip to China for work...

I am a little out of date, so I will back track. Back in June I was in China again for work. This time we figured (the electrical engineer I always travel with) we would stop in Shanghai for the weekend to check shit out. Shanghai was alright. We wandered the streets and bounced from bar to bar.

I ended up in Shanghai from Xiamen (where the factory we were at is) and the other guy flew in from Taipai, Taiwan (another factory is). We met up down town in Shanghai. I was aimlessly walking through the Shanghai airport with my hotel reservation trying to find some way to get there. I ended up getting pointed all around and found some bus with no Americans on it at all. I pissed the bus driver off by trying to confirm where I was actually going. He finally yelled in English "sit down". I ended up in downtown Shanghai wondering with a suitcase. I got kicked out of the first taxi because I think he was just as confused as I was. I ended up making it to the hotel and the rest of the trip was fine.

Pictures following:

Canned coffee in airport.

Chinese Red Bull

Hotel bar in Xiamen. Many hours spent here.

Some building in Shanghai, don't know what the fuck it is.

Shanghai street.

Chinese Bud Heavy

A picture in the bathroom in a massage parlor.

Road the bullet train back to the airport....was much easier than getting down town.

The toilet in the first class lounge at the Shanghai airport, fuck yea I tried it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Winged Warrior sucked and I won't be there again.

Here are a couple of pictures of the suckage event. The people and RAGING was stellar though.